Tearcher Raj, town hall

SOLS Searching – CEO Corner with Teacher Raj

New Year, New Me, New Us

Hello and welcome to the New Year. I hope you are as excited as I am.

I have previously discussed the implications associated with ‘founder syndrome’ and the impact it can have on a developing company. Am I holding on too much? Should I move on? How do you be professional and how do you maintain that family feel?

Tearcher Raj, town hall
SOLS 24/7 Malaysia is now one of the largest non-profit organisations in the country and in over five years we have forged ourselves as a dynamic NGO machine serving up to 10,000 people yearly.

To maintain this growth, I have decided to make some adjustments to management and operations at SOLS 24/7 Malaysia. This will help secure our sustainability and success for many years to come.

My wife and partner in crime, Teacher Danu, will assume the role of Managing Director of SOLS 24/7 Malaysia and will be responsible for the day to day operations of our humanitarian activities. She will work closely with Chief Operating Officer, Tim Spijker, and the board members to ensure the success and efficiency of our humanitarian programmes including Community Centres, ngohub.asia, SHIELD, Scholar Development Program and Community Library.Teacher Danu, managing director of SOLS 24/7Her aim is to not only improve and create real impact and change but to establish a dynamic and reliable team of SOLSdiers.

I will alternatively focus on our social enterprise activities — SOLS Tech, Solar Academy and SOLS Energy — and corporate and government training, as well as growing and expanding our NGO empire and to create an ecosystem for the poor. This will allow us to internally and externally fund our humanitarian activities and make our operations more sustainable.

Five things I will be prioritising in 2016 will be:

  • Building a business development team that can entice diverse groups of donors to support our expansion into Asia, Europe and the US.
  • Growing our curriculum and continuing our emphasis on computer assisted learning and the use of technology.
  • Developing SOLS Energy into a leading social enterprise and solar company.
  • Establishing SOLS Smart as a commercial language school operating in small cities, which re-invests its profit into funding SOLS Community Centres; and
  • Increasing government and corporate training and monopolising our services.

If executed accurately, and within our timeframe of success, we will be able to reach my goals of:

  • Generating a minimum of RM5 million per annum from our social enterprise activities.
  • Securing funding and donors for all our programmes; and
  • Expanding our number of Community Centres nationwide by encouraging more donors and local businesses to adopt nearby Community Centres.

In the new year I will also be investing greater interest in my own health and well-being. I believe in order to achieve these goals and to have the required drive and motivation to effect change in the community, l need to be in peak physical and mental condition. This includes obtaining at least seven hours of sleep each night, increasing daily exercise, eating healthy and trying to lose around 20kg.

My ambition to change the world is of course never-ending. I hope this new direction, both in health, wealth and in team dynamic, will assist the NGO in fulfilling its potential and achieving greatness in 2016.

So until next time, remember ‘serve’, ‘educate’ and ‘empower’.

Teacher Raj Ridvan Singh,
Education Revolutionist, Founder-CEO
SOLS 24/7 Malaysia.



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