5 reasons to visit Cameron Highlands

Volunteering in Kuala Lumpur is a rewarding and fascinating experience but life in a big city sometimes can be overwhelming. If you need a break from the hassle and the smoky air of the big city in Malaysia, you should do like our volunteers and choose Cameron Highlands for an incredible weekend getaway from Kuala Lumpur.

The reasons to choose this place are endless but we will give you five…and you should discover the rest for yourself!

Hiking paradise

Cameron Highlands SOLS 2

The Cameron Highlands is a great place for nature lovers looking  for adventure and beautiful paths to walk.  A stroll around the place can take you to special corners such as the Mossy Forest. Located on the Mount Brinchang, the highest mountain in the Cameron Highlands, the Mossy Forest is a fantastic place to observe vegetation and views of the valley. Making it a great spot to enjoy sunrises and sunsets!

Cameron Highlands SOLS 4

Hiking the paths of the Cameron Highlands, you will find unique jungle creatures too, like the Giant Rafflesia. This exotic flower is actually a parasitic plant of big dimensions. It’s also known as the corpse flower because of its rotten meat smell and is an endangered species. If you want to see it you should hire a private tour as it is very difficult to spot the Rafflesia around the area anymore.

Refreshing atmosphere

Cameron Highlands SOLS 3

The first thing you will notice when you step in Cameron Highlands, after a twisting journey up on the hill, is the freshness of the air. Compared to Kuala Lumpur, in Cameron Highlands, the air is cleaner and the average temperature is lower. Because of its location up in the mountains (1,000 metres above the sea level) the weather is so cool and refreshing it will help you restore your energy and good mood for weeks to come. You might want to take a jacket or a blanket with you as it can get chilly at night.

Winding tea plantations

Cameron Highlands SOLS.jpg

The British colonial era in Malaysia brought the tea to the country. The green trimmed tea plantations draw a sinuous landscape that will trap your sight. The most popular one is the BOH Plantation, but there are other ones all around the area that are worth a visit. For the perfect afternoon there you can have a walk around the tea trees and finish the stroll enjoying a cup of tea with scones and the most spectacular views.

 Strawberry Fields Forever

Cameron Highlands SOLS 1

Apart from tea, the Cameron Highlands is known for the strawberry plantations as it is the centre of the production of this red fruit in Malaysia. You can visit the garden centres or take part in the activities offered by the farms, like strawberry picking. The delicious berries can be savoured in the farms and all around the Highlands in  milkshakes, popsicles, pies or jams. A sweet rewarding treat after a morning hike!

If you are more into flowers,  in Cameron Highlands you can find beautiful roses and lavender farms, as well as the Cameron Highlands Technology Park (MARDI). This centre offers a great variety of flowers and plants gardens: from the exotic claw-flowers to busy-lilies and dahlias. It was established by the Malaysian British administrations in 1925 as an agricultural experimentation station, Giving you the opportunity to see some of the oldest tea bushes in Cameron Highlands!

Memories for life 

Cameron Highlands SOLS 5

A visit to the Cameron Highlands is a great weekend trip in Malaysia but above all else, it will be an incredibly fun and unforgettable experience to have with your volunteering fellows. While discovering the amazing flora on a hike, sipping a tasty brew with a view or just enjoying the relaxed vibe, you will be making up beautiful memories for your Malaysian experience. Get your walking shoes, your friends and buy a bus ticket: the mountains are waiting for you!

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