Transforming SOLS Tech with “Transform it”

To transform, in mathematics, means to change the form of a figure without changing its value. This is exactly what our new campaign Transform it means to SOLS Tech, an improvement in our appearance and project but maintaining  the values and our main goal: bringing technology and solutions to the underprivileged communities of Malaysia.

Since SOLS Tech started more than three years ago, the technological arm of SOLS 24/7 has walked a long  path successfully, full of memorable moments during which we have been able to collect and refurbish thousands of computers and donate them to those in need, all around Malaysia.

We have learned from each and every one of our challenges and we are proud of our achievements. With all of them in mind, we thought it was a good time to go one step further and the result was the creation of Transform It.

Transforming electronic waste into opportunities for Malaysia

Transform it is proud to boast that we have partnered with HP, Heriot-Watt University in Malaysia (HWUM) and AIESEC SU in HWUM for the campaign.  Thanks to them, from now on everyone can leave their old computers and devices at the drop-off points of the HWUM, where we can collect them to make technology accessible for all Malaysians.

What is more, with the new Transform it Deals we will be able to offer a 15% discount to purchase new computers and laptops from to the students and staff from Heriot-Watt University when they donate their old devices.

Transform it Campaign

Transform it was launched on the 7th of March, but more is yet to come as SOLS Tech has arranged partnerships with other Universities in Kuala Lumpur and with Hong Leong Foundation to install drop-off points on their premises.

However, we want to go much further and we are looking for more partnerships with companies and institutions to collect all the e-waste we can and transform it into opportunities for Malaysia.

To celebrate the launching week of Transform it in Heriot-Watt Univeristy we organised activites, games and conferences for the students We want to raise awareness about our project, have fun and, of course, collect as many old devices as we can. Have you brought yours, already?

Transform it Heriot Watt

You can read more about Transform it here or follow our journey on Facebook.

If you want your company or learning centre to partner with Transform it, send an email to We would be very happy if you help us spread the word!

We would be very happy if you help us spread the word!



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